Depression is a robs you of energy, vitality and motivation.  It is often associated with chronic conditions and pain.  Self care, as you might know, is crucial. There are several self-help practices you could explore.  

I think an important approach is learning to be optimistic.  There is a life changing school of thought known as Positive Psychology: the founder is Martin Seligman, PhD.  He, through his book, Learned Optimism, explains techniques and gives solutions for finding more happiness in your life, irregardless of your circumstances.  Negative thoughts, an ingrained style in depression, are recognized and restructured in a very easy to understand, less defeating way.

Positive Psychology is the most popular class at Harvard, as students, again state it is "life-changing." It is proven, through hard research, to improve health.

It really works and is effective for coping with those struggles life is known to throw our way!

Don't go down that old worn road....take the path that will bring more joy!  

Read Learned Optimism and apply its teachings.. 

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Comment by Luchy Ejiz on February 3, 2011 at 8:35am

thank you for sharing this


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