Do you think that thoughts are responsible for feelings or would you argue that feelings bring about thoughts? According to Cognitive Behavioral Psychology, the first assumption is true. Not only does this
make sense, but it equips us with a practical tool to feel better.
It is said that those with depressive tendencies, BTW, more women than men, dwell on bad life events and may have increased sad memories.
This is where we win!
Learn to catch yourself when thinking those destructive thoughts...maybe you feel guilty about something (depressives often carry this burden of unwarranted guilt), or don't think highly of yourself that may even be visiting the "Why me? Place...that is the first step, recognizing patterns.
Now flip those feelings by using your thoughts...think of how fortunate you are for having whatever you do possess..especially those things that no one can take away.
You will feel good.
Make this a new habit.
Another tip is to keep a gratitude journal by writing at least 5-10 things for which you were thankful for that day. This is especially helpful before bedtime, as it helps one to drift off thinking peaceful thoughts .
Healing is up to have more power than you realize.

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Comment by Karen Kay on February 20, 2011 at 6:01pm
Thanks Karen.  This is very helpful!  I'm going to try some of these tactics that you mentioned.  Eliminate negative thinking.
Comment by Ade Dotun on February 16, 2011 at 5:00pm
what Allen said
Comment by P.Allen Jones on February 14, 2011 at 11:08pm

Ok, I get it...happy thoughts. And I agree, but don't forget about the element of pain. Pain pulls you down the "why me" road. Pain bangs on the "I hate life" door. Pain is the trigger for many of us suffering with SCD. We don't want to go down these roads, but pain is not taking NO for an answer.


So, having said all that. We can be proactive about fighting depression and destructive thoughts. With pain resolved (and there are non drug remedies too), we can then focus on living, enjoying life and being grateful.


I try prayer, yoga (relaxes body & mind), massage therapy (relaxes the body/helps quiet pain), hot baths (water soothes), etc. etc. 


I agree with your conclusions, but feelings & thoughts really do have external "causes" and those must be addressed too.

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