Hello All,

I wish that we could schedule a time when we sign on and chat about whatever is on our minds. Is anyone else interested in this idea? I like reading the comments, but I would like something in real time. I realize that we are all over the world, but some nights I am up late when I can't sleep.

The title of the blog is keeping the faith, but somedays are harder than others. I know that I am blessed. I haven't had a stroke or a hip replacement. However, this disease has affected my life. As a youngster I tried to be normal, but frequent hospitalizations reminded me otherwise. Now as an adult I am not working. I feel isolated. I feel woozy from pain medication. It makes me sad and it is hard to stay positive. I would like to work, but I don't feel well enough. I take naps every day. I am blessed that I can still drive a car. I don't want to ramble so I will close now.

Bye for now.

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Comment by Shari Mae Tamisin on August 3, 2009 at 8:09am
hello good dy
can i have an interview with you?
what is your time zone?
your approval will be greatly appreciated..
thank you very much
Comment by Sickle Cell Warrior on July 10, 2009 at 1:16am
Hey Ali,

I would love to have a chat session...I'm never online when someone else is...we should have at least weekly chats. What is your time zone? Let's plan something!

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