So Recently I was back in the hospital for many reasons, my main reason being my hemoglobin was at 4.2 the lowest i've ever been. I was so afraid of going back to the ER and being judged that I just stayed home no matter what, while my levels dropped I kept passing out anywhere, even in the middle of conversations with family and friends. I also couldn't remember anything and became extremely confused about things I knew like my brothers birthday, when I called him to wish him a happy birthday he was joking with me and told me I had the wrong day. I was so confused I thought he was right and I had the wrong day, I saw so upset by it I nearly cried. For memorial day my father threw a party at his house, I attended with my sister and the same events happened. I couldn't remember family members name, I kept passing out places, and was not my usual self. So my father forced me to the ER and that's when I found out how low I had gotten, but its crazy how when my doctor found out he didn't say anything smart, or send me home, or refuse pain meds like he had been doing the past 4-5 months. But when he saw me he wondered why I became so symptomatic with my low levels, I don't know but the fact that he told me no one else gets symptomatic when there levels are low is kinda hard for me to believe. My kidney has also been up and down and now comes the hard part of trying to figure out what is effecting what, and what can we do to fix things and keep from loosing my kidney. I also have a question from anyone who can answer, I'm looking into that medical Marijuana program and was wondering is anyone else apart of it? if so what can you tell me about prices and product? When I tried research I didn't come up with much of anything and I want to cross all my T and dot all my I's before I sign myself up for it because I know the pain meds are not going to keep the pain at bay for long.

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