I know that those with sickle cell have a hard time finding a career that allows for our absences, and I know that many people are struggling to find a position that does have support for them. It can be of help to give direction to our members as they seek to find jobs and careers with sickle cell.

In this discussion, answer the question...what is your profession? What is your title? What does your job entail? In other words... What do you do?

Also, if you are in school...please state your major and what your future professional goals are.

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I'm a registered nurse (RN). I have worked in the ICU, ICU step-down, Telemetry (Cardiac) and Med/surgical units and have been a nurse for almost 9 years. Presently, I'm a nurse traveler, it's a contracted position that is 13 weeks long. I work in different hospitals around the nation, traveling and fulfilling the need of the facility. I work 3 twelve hour shifts a week...and usually do all my work days together, so I can have lots of time off in case I'm unwell or need to recuperate.

Being a Nurse Traveler helps me cope with my sickle cell because essentially I'm my own boss. I get paid when I work...and if I'm sick...I just call out sick and don't get paid. I had to miss a week in May from work because I was ill...but I have the option of making it up anytime the facility has needs and I'm available. The other downside is that I have to cover 20% of my medical bills, but since I'm not sick that much...thanks to Nicosan, it's manageable.

I'm also in school online working on finishing up my Bachelor's degree at University of Phoenix. Online education gives me the flexibility I need with traveling and in case I become sick. I'll be done with my BSN in December (YAY!) and then I plan to start my MSN right after and in 2.5 years God-willing graduate as a Family Nurse Practitioner. As an FNP I will have more autonomy in the nursing field and be able to make direct decisions involving patient care.

Okay...who's next?
I am an accountant. I work 8 hours a day for 5 days and 4 hours on saturdays. I am also a student furthering my studies in the same career. I take evening classes after work.

My job is not strenous fortunately and i am not usually sick. Because of my location i have been pre-disposed to malaria and am on anti-malaria tablets all the time. I have a 100% medical scheme with my employer so i do not worry about medical bills when i get sick.

2 months ago i was absent from work for almost a month because i was desperately ill. Fortunately i have an understanding boss who has an idea of the downside of my condition.
hello to all i would like to say i'm a future asthetician with dream of having my own spa and skin care line. i'm glad i found this web page.
I am a stay-at-home mom, but I work as a secretary and virtual assistant for an electronics repair company. I work from home by using my computer and a mobile phone. I make all appointments for customers needing electronic repair, order parts, keep track of inventory, etc. Basically I'm a direct liason between the customers and the technicians. I work nearly 50 hours a week (8 hours a day M-F, and 5 hours on Sat). Its busy sometimes, but I am glad to be at home with my daugther and have employment that offers flexibility. I am a future Registered Nurse (only have a few more classes 'til I get my degree).
I work full time as a Front Office Manager of Springhill Suites Marriott Hotel, where I have a lot of flexibility in attendence and my job is not strenuous at all. I enjoy my job and it is fun. I supervise 7 employees and am flexible on my own schedule I can choose to work from 2 hours to 16 if I want to. I enjoy the job but I am not going to stay in that field. I am also a full time student and just changed my major to nursing (ADN). Thanks guys
Hey, Marcus that's cool you plan to major in Nursing. I too started in an ADN program. I plan to resume my classes soon, and my ultimate goal is to have an MHA or Master's in Healtcare Administration.
WoW that is great to here because I have the same plans. At UTA in Arlington, TX they have a program where I will get my BSN and MHA. That will be my next and I also want to get my ARNP to become a family nurse practitioner to open my own scd clinic. I love your posts on yahoo groups, I don't post on there much but am always reading. Are you on the National SCD Forum, how bout facebook, myspace.
Hey, it's great to see people with sickle cell staying ambitious and working hard to fit school and work into our lives. I am in medical school, hoping to work with sickle cell patients and maybe do research in the disease. Support is definitely important and I would urge anybody with sickle cell to inform their employer and not hide it at work - I have found people so supportive of me when they know my story and that I'm working hard to do as good (if not better!) a job as anyone else despite my struggles.
i am hotel manager but right now i have a small baby and i have to stay at home to babysit my babygal, i have seen people with sickle cell and i have never met a stupid one we are always very cleaver i can proudly say that, i was always off from school but when exams came i was one of the best students... we are not sick we just have some pains and with this our pains we can do everything remember how we always feel good without pains so healthy so when pain has given you time make use of it
well, hey everyone, good luck to all those who are still in school.......I just graduated in may with my MSc in IT, and currently work 8-5 Mon-Fridays as a systems engineer.....it took some getting used waking up that early everyday, but its not bad. still trying to get a posiotin in the federal govt, but the offers am getting isn't what am looking for.
I am also a registered nurse. I work three 12hr shift a week. I like to do them back to back, this way I have 4 straight days to relax.
When I was in college, I found it very difficult to keep up due to frequent absences. I was even suggested by a professor to leave the nursing program until I "felt better". Of course I didn't follow this advise. There were times when I missed too many days in a semester and would go to class and feel miserable instead of staying in bed or go to the ER. Thank God, I was able to study and retain info from the text books.
Hey Tracy,

I feel your struggle...I went through the same thing. I'm so glad to be done with nursing school. So do you work in Jamaica now? It's nice to get another nurse here:)


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