How old is the oldest person you kno with SCD

When i meet elderly folks with SCD, it usually helps in giving me hope, i met a 60 yr old man with SCD the other day, that has been the oldest i have seen, how about yal

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The oldest person I've met is 61...and he's been one of those fly sicklers. You would never know he had sickle cell if he didn't tell you. He purports that hydration is what has helped him alot, as well as prayer and faith in God's grace. You're right, seeing older people with SCD gives me hope as well.
Thanks for this information. My boyfriend asked me what is the cause of death for a person with SCD. I am 42 years old. He is thinking about my death and wants to be prepared.
honestly me and im 25
i do not know other suffers
Apparently...the oldest person in the US with SCA is Ernestine Diamond. She's 83! Check out the article HERE

Ernestine L Diamond is an eighty-two year old woman who may be one of the oldest American living with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD). She is an advocate of the disease which affects millions throughout the world and is particularly common among people with ancestors in sub-Saharan Africa, Saudi Arabia, India and Mediterranean countries such as Turkey, Greece, and Italy and Spanish-speaking regions of South America, Cuba and Central America.

In the United States, Sickle Cell Disease affects more than seventy-two thousand people and about two million Americans carry the trait for SCD, a life threatening disease that creates unimaginable pain and suffering. Support is probably the most important factor in the life of the patient.

S.C.A.T.T. (Sickle Cell Action Through Technology) is geared towards helping to supplement the needs of patients who find themselves facing insurmountable health as well as financial challenges. Patients from around the country call for advice, or a word of encouragement.
I'm from morocco, and sickle cell is not a spread disease here, i met a 17 yrs old boy who was in crisis and desperately asked me if there was any solution to get rid of it. i desperately responded that in the states, they are working on it
PS: i also have it since i was 40 DAYS OLD
Wow Sickle Cell Warrior, Thanks so much for putting up that article. Im Arab aka middle eastern and was unaware that it was so wide spread.
Thanks again
Ade, the oldest i know use to be my sister, she died at the age of 45. it broke my heart because she died with the wrong person aroound her: I couldn’t care for her rather I was blaming her for not taking drugs: she never took drugs, and had never been admitted to the hospital till the day she died. I was frightened for the first time in my life (I use to defy death) but when she died I broke down maybe because I felt guilty and also felt since we are genetically similar I would also end at 45 also, but no, not me (if God wills) I am a fighter and I am not scared of my opponent: not now I even know I will live long after I am already dead. I use to laugh when I say this, but I am going to live until I am 99yrs, that is if I will be strong enough (a mobile old man) not to be a burden on people.
I just read your post. Consider this: sickle cell disease is not your opponent, but rather your inspiration.
I hope that you are in a mental space to receive this! 
I wish we could find Ernestine Diamond and have a discussion with her.....her wisdom on living with SCD would be so useful to us.
I have her email address if you want it. She emailed me out of the blue a few months ago.
SCW, I feel that you should email her on our behalf. We could send you questions, you interview her from the Q's we submit. After all she sent you her email address.

I don't mind. But it looks like she's already here. I'm going to create a separate thread so people can post their questions to her over there.


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