I been in pain for about 5-6 days on pain meds but there not working my moms opening a daycare and is not letting me get any rest. I am sitting here now she finally found a prescription for the pain killers but still sits at her computer wanting to look something up first. I'm in the worse pain I cant even get up anymore me and my bf just had a fight he told me his sister was in the hospital and I told him I couldn't walk for the day he told me to screw off. Now im sitting here wondering has the world finally won? cause I don't think I can do this alone and if my bf's not here to support me then I have no one left then the people online.
What should I do? I am not sure of how to handle this.

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I am so sorry to hear that Ebony, being someone that has also been in your shoes in the same position as you, it is a terrible feeling. I also recently stopped talking to my gf and lost my job in the same week, so i know what if feels like when u think its just u against the world, but God hasnt brought u this far to leave u hanging. Try to talk to your mother to be patient with you as u are in pain, and even if u feel u havent done anything wrong, try to to apologize to your bf and make amends with him. keep taking your meds and drink lots of water, hope u feel better soon. take care
When I try and talk to my mom to her is sounds like I just cussed her out she tells me she dont wanna hear it and she tells me not to talk back. I told my bf how I was feeling after his sister got better and he understood but then last night he again cusses me out I told him my reason of being afraid of males and hes making it worse. the last thing I wanna do is push every male in my life away cause only one that I have met is good to me his name is Tilen we feel the same about each other, I helped him learn English, and he is saving his sisters life he is against hitting women but right now im the last thing that should be on his mind.
Sweetie i know what your going through like no one understands your pain, i've been there a time or two before in life. where you dont know weather you should just give up on life and say screw it all. But the only person who can help is god, jesus, the father or the lord, trust me he does understand what your going through. Trust me on this one because there has been times that i felt like no one understand my pain. So pray for your mom to get a better understanding of you and you and your best friend will work out fine maybe he thought that you were not feeling his pain with his sister being in the hospital. I will keep you in my prayers that you get healthy, That yours and your moms relationship gets better also that you and your best friend works everything out. P.S. Sometimes parents blame themselves for there child comes out with sickle cell and its not there fault neither is it your fault so dont blame yourself for it. just look at it as you an angel and that you where put on this earth to make people smile and to give them that courage to go that extra mile. I KNOW YOUR PROBALLY SICK OF READING THIS SO IM GOING TO STOP TYPING
lol that made me laugh veon! funny thing is I know hes looking out for me cause I have two guardian angels lately they have been visiting me scary enough its only when I'm alone my dog Nala and my little Cuz Raven. I either feel wind pass me when my windows are shut and curtains are blocking them or I see shadows like someone standing in the corner of my room. The first time they came to me I was scared out of my mind but now I just talk like there in the room I can get so much stuff off my chest this way and it feels good.
Pray, God is your BF


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