Do you guys find it hard to get Medical Insurance when you have sickle cell? I have a friend who may be traveling. She is looking into Travel Health Insurance, but is not sure if her diagnosis will hinder her acceptance. What advice would you give to her? Should she attempt to get coverage. An extended stay in an overseas hospital is financially scary. Any tips or advice welcome.

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Comment by Sickle Cell Warrior on December 11, 2009 at 7:53pm
Where is she traveling to? I would recommend her to get Kaiser insurance if she can. They cover all overseas trips for their members no matter where in the country they are. I once had a patient that fell sick in London, and Kaiser paid her hospital bill there for emergent care, then flew her to the US via plane for treatment. Most travel insurance companies do cover pre-existing conditions, but certain limits, as to what is covered will apply. For example, they might cover emergency room care only, or only take care of 60% of the bill. she should look into different policies, and then get supplemental insurance on top of that. Hope this helped.

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