For world sickle cell day this year, I wrote a blog about tapping into your warrior mentality, check it out and my tweet in the links below.

Tapping Into the Warrior Mentality

My life has been characterized by tenacity, perseverance and determination; these values have been instilled in me through overcoming several challenges and obstacles.

The role with the utmost significance to me is that of being a patient advocate for people with sickle cell disease. Being born with this illness myself, I felt compelled to be of service in this area. In 2009, I created the online community,, where people affected by sickle cell disease can relate to others who grapple with similar hardships. This platform established an avenue for people across the globe to connect with others who understand their pain, to share experiences that uplift each other, and to inspire in times of desolation. I am always delighted to receive messages on how the site has had a positive impact on the lives of and has inspired members not to give up through their adversities. Although sickle cell tries to prevent me from achieving my goals, through my determination I decided not to be a victim of it. Dealing with the unforeseen pain, hospitalizations and other complications of this condition has played an important role in shaping me into a resilient, resourceful and ambitious individual. This mentality has enabled me to achieve my goals of completing graduate school twice and advancing in my career.

My life experiences and perspective have also prepared me to be of value to my community and the society at large. My resolve from overcoming strenuous conditions has been effective in encouraging others through challenging times, such as the current pandemic. Let’s all tap into our warrior mentality to help get us through these unprecedented times together!

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