A question for the younger men and women with SCD

Hello everyone..I am a parent of a 17 year old son with SCD type SS. He has had a fairly healthy life thus far. He has had his gall bladder removed, pnuemonia twice and two pain crisis in his life. First, I want to thank god for his health thus far and moving foward. I had a question for the younger men and women who suffer from this disease. My son has applied to several different colleges to include a college in GA. I currently live in NC and his father is currently in the military in Hawaii where my son currently lives. Me and his father strongly suggest he attend school in NC due to the fact I am located here. The question is should we allow our son to have a choice in the college he attends or should we basically make him attend college in NC? We want him to be able to make his own choices but we also know he is not ready to deal with this disease on his own. He is at the age where he believes he is "Superman" and he can "shake off" a little pain. I am afraid he will not take proper care of himself if me nor his father is around. I just worry about him all of the time!!!!

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Comment by Elisa Tyson on February 10, 2012 at 11:05pm

I just want to Thank the both of you very much. I want him to be able to make his own decisions but I also know how difficult it can be on his own and not quite fully understanding the scope of his responsibility with this disease. Thank you very much and be blessed!!!!!

Comment by Diana Arevalo on February 10, 2012 at 9:22pm


My family lives in miami,and I am currently going to a university in daytona beach, only four hours away. This is my first year living away from home and at the university dorms. I have had two crisis since I have moved here and yes it is difficult being away from family and most importantly my mom.She is currently living in Colombia She is the one to always take care of me at the hospital. But I made it. It is difficult regardless because its a new town and a new hospital and a new everything. I don't know whether to recommend your son to stay in your state or if he could go to another. His condition, in my opinion is very manageable, he has gotten only two crisis therefore I think that you dont have much to worry about. He's lucky. If its his dream to go to that University then he should go for it but if it hasn't been a dream of his to attend there, then he should consider living in NC. Nevertheless he should be warned, its can be incredibly stressful.

Comment by Fahid Rabiu on January 24, 2012 at 2:35am

Hi, my advice would be to tell him why you want him to school in NC. Before I entered university, my parents already told me that I wouldn't be allowed to school away from home because of my condition, Even if he can take care of him self well, what about stress? My first year in university was the most stressful for me. Based on my experiences I think he should stay in NC, if in a year or more he's confident he can make it away from home then he could take a transfer to the college of he's choice. 

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