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Sickle Cell Community Gathering/Conference in Atlanta, July 17-20

This cop didn't know what he signed up for!

The Gathering last year, a cruise to the Bahamas

Hey Warrior Family!

We hope you are doing well.

Sickle Cell Warriors, Inc. is planning the 2ndAnnual Sickle Cell Community…


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Nominations Now Open for Sickle Cell Awards!

The Sickle Cell  Community Service Awards celebrates health leaders, advocates, and role models in the sickle cell community. Recognize the leaders that are making a difference in sickle cell disease by nominating them for a Sickle Cell Community Service Award.

Nominate someone HERE, then share the news to gain…


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Should a Sickle Cell Trait Person Marry Someone with Sickle Cell?

There is a hot topic over at the UKGreat Sickle Cell forum on FB. A

gentleman posted this question: My genotype is SS and my fiance is

AS. I love this girl very much because of her character. I intend to

marry her. Should I go on? I need your candid advice.

I have very strong views about this as a sickle cell warrior. I have

seen too many people with sickle cell get relegated to a lonely corner,

dumped, and heartbroken just because of their genetic… Continue

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Sickle cell Activism

Hello fabulous warriors!

Okay, everyone here has gotten something from the sickle cell online community in one way or another. Now here is your chance to participate and help others with knowledge the same way you have been helped. Remember, we are the only ones that can change the way the world views sickle cell warriors, and we do this by starting in our circle of influence. Here are a few organizations, surveys and communities that need your input to grow and effectively serve… Continue

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Join Me on Facebook

Type Sickle Cell Warrior in your search box.

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Okay everyone...seriously, I'm tired of looking at those green bobble heads! Please put pictures up...give the site some more personality. I love being able to put faces to names. If you shirk at putting a pic up of yourself, put one of your favorite pictures, or something that represents you. Say NO to green bobble-heads!

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Pain in Tears

Scars that bind

Tears that fasten me to u

Our pain unites us

So be true to this emotion

live without shame your wounds

Carry your head high as the tears flow.

Let the tears fall and express your pain

without reservation, without regret

because the more we share our pain

the closer we become.

Pain shared is real, true, pure

I can’t fake pain, so why do I try to hide the most true part of who I am?

Why are we so ashamed of that which… Continue

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Sickle Cell Pain Research

For those of us that keep running into Dr's, that deny that we are in pain, here is an article, that I've come across that would be great for educating the ignorant masses. Physicians are more prone to believe research 'from their own kind' as if your word on a disease you've been dealing with all your life is not enough. *rolleyes*

This is a qualitative study done in Virginia which states that sickle cell patients are in pain most of the time. It's a PDF must have Adobe… Continue

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Minority Nurse Article

Hey everyone,

I just got featured in this month's issue of Minority Nurse magazine. The tile is "Providing Culturally Competent Care for Sickle Cell Patients". The author interviewed me and used some of my responses in the article.

Not only that but it's an excellent article that helps to educate the public and medical professionals about the problems sickle cell patients constantly have to fight. If you have a moment, check it out… Continue

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Sickle Cell Can Kiss my A$$!!

Check out my full blog on Blogger. This blog chronicles the wonderful, poignant and fun filled days of living, loving and surviving with sickle cell anemia. My illness does not define me---I define my illness. This is my story!

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