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People asking you for your medication

I have had problems throughout my life where people in my life have come to me and asked for some of my medication. In most cases there is absolutely nothing wrong with them, they want it for recreational purposes. This is very frustrating to me because it makes me feel like they don't care about me or my illness. If I give them all of my medication then what am I suppose to do when I have a crisis and really need it? We all know that if we go to our doctors too soon and ask for a refill before… Continue

Added by Neise on January 11, 2010 at 6:59pm — 2 Comments

Have You Ever Caught (or suspected) that your Nurse gave you saline instead of your pain medication?

I had to write on this topic! Unfortunately, I have had several experiences where I have caught my nurses trying to "pull a fast one" as though I could not tell the difference! If you have been on pain medication for years like I have you know the difference! I watch my health care providers very carefully because I have come to find that I can't always trust them. They already have it in their minds that Sickle Cell patients aren't really sick and are just "drug seekers" so why wouldn't they… Continue

Added by Neise on July 28, 2009 at 11:46pm — 5 Comments

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