Hello guys, hope the Christmas is coming up well.. I have this problem of depression especially after an episode or after discharge from the hospital.. I hate being sick but i cant control being sick,am struck with it and am dealing with it.. Alot of people around me dont understand me and my feelings.when am sick,yes am sick but when am not i prefer to be healthy,do stuffs and think positively but i dont experience that joy cause am always being reminded that am sick,that am limited and i have boundaries i dare not cross. Why?? All these make me feel worthless and without a purpose. Depression seems to be my best friend these days. Please guys,am i alone in this and i need advice on how to deal and cope with chronic depression.. Thanks!

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Hey Luchy, I want to start by saying that you are NOT WORTHLESS and you DO HAVE A PURPOSE.

Dont let the illness or anyone tell you otherwise. I know can relate on certain level of just feelin sad but you must be determined not to let sickle cell get you down and more importantly I would say seek the face if the Lord. I'm not sure what your beliefs are but I'm a Christian and God is my greatest helper, He's the Comforter ,He'll be ther when no one else is, you just have to call on Him.


Lastly , talk to your hematologist about it, they may refer you to a therapist.

Tanx Ade


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