What management Tips, Advice and Strategy would you suggest to Couples for whom there is a real possibility of bearing children with Sickle Cell Anaemia?

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This discussion was posted more than a year ago, but I feel compelled to reply. My husband and I did not know that we both had the sickle cell trait before I became pregnant, because we both had the trait our babies (twins) had a 25% chance of having sickle cell disease (SCD). Now, two years later I am glad that I had my children, one has SCD and one child does not.


When I became aware of the possibility, I signed up to bank my child's cord blood, as life happens, I only banked one umbilical cord, but I ended up donating it for research because it was from my child with SCD and would not be able to cure her of the disease. (If your child does not have SCD and has a sibling with SCD you can bank his/her cord blood at NO COST with Viacord).


By the grace of God my daughter has been fine, we lead a strict vegetarian, mostly vegan diet and eat a very minimum amount of sweets. My 2/yo daughter with SCD doesn't really like sweets at all, she gets her rest regularly, and takes in plenty of fluids. We also exercise and get plenty of fresh natural air. My daughter has never attended daycare and does not get sick often. She goes to her appointments regularly and takes penicillin. I think that a combination of the things I mentioned above have helped her stay crisis free.  If you are parenting a child with SCD talk to your child's hematologist about lifestyle changes that could help your child be healthier and have a stronger immune system.


My husband and I have accepted that God has given us precious children. One living with a disease, we are choosing to use this experience to grow closer to Him and each other. I wish you all the best. If you would like to follow our journey visit http:CleverlyChanging.com

Yes it is hard to take care of a child with sickle cell because i have sickle cell and i've seen my mom, dad and my Grandma say that when a child get hurt you can kiss there boo boo and make it all better, but when yoiu have sickle cell there no kissing there boo boo and making it all better they say it hurts to see your child or grandchild go through sickle cell and they feel helpless, but through alot of prayer and making me eat right and drink fresh juice from the jucier i've done well and i have to say thanks to my mom, dad and Grandma

 i posted here in 2009, 5 years later my girl is now 8 and  doing well, i call it Gods favor . i went ahead with Gods blessings and have 2 sons now 3 and 2 years. both negative ,i owe it to  my faith in God . the decision to have more babies to me as a  believer was purely a decision in consultation with God. whose report will you believe??



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