What information would you need to feel comfortable participating in a clinical trial? Who would you seek advice from?

I am curious as to how different individuals would go about evaluating whether or not a clinical trial is right for them, weighing risks and potential benefits.  What resources would you use to inform your decision; who would you ask for advice?


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I would ask my hematologist for her opinion. I would research the facility to see if they are leaders in Sickle Cell Research. I would also research the study director.

Thank you for your feedback Ali.  I am curious as to how important it would be for you to get feedback from friends or family and how much their opinions might influence your decision.  Thanks again.  - Carl

I would need data on what trials have been done to date, specifics on how the medication works and what side effects have been seen and are expected. I would also take advice from past and present hematologists. I would not take the opinion of my family or friends into much consideration as they do not have the experience or knowledge of the condition that I do.


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