And since you dont know my pain, Try to be compasinate toward me me instead of saying that im addicted to pain meds maybe you dont understand how that hurts me when you you say that to me. I  know that im in alot of pain, even tho it may look like im not in pain at all, you need to stop and ask yourself because this person has sickle cell are they not in pain all the time? Im so tired of comming to the hospital and not being treated right the nurese look at me like she's back for more pain meds. To be truthfull i dont like comming or even being in the hospital when there's alot of other things i could be doing.

                                           You Dont Know My Pain!!!!!!

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Sorry about your troubles with nurse and hospital staff. I had the same trouble with them and my doctor offered a solution.

My SCD Specialist (hemotologist) gave me a document (called: treatment order) that explained my specific SCD condition. It told medical staff how to treat me (meds/oxygen/blood if needed, whatever).

When I went to the hospital I would bring my (treatment order) with me and gave it to the doctor seeing me. These doctors appreciated this information and it helped get me treated sooner & better. If they had questions they could call my SCD specialist (her phone number was on the treatment order too).

Hope this helps you.
God bless.
I have the same thing in order with my dr and hopsital cus they same thing happens to me i feel your pain.


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