Have any of you had weird cravings that you just cant beat? I been trying to beat them since god knows when I went and asked the doc why I was doing this weird stuff and shes like that's a part of having sickle cell, I looked at her then walked out of the office I thought it was a bunch of bull but looks like i was wrong my cousin eats weird things.

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I am not sure how "wierd" your cravings are, but you should know that there is a condition called Pica.

Pica is a disorder characterized by cravings to eat non-food, non-nutritive substances. I have Pica, although I've mostly outgrown it. I ate all kinds of wierd crap. The only true craving that I have to date is for whole peppercorns, but when I was younger I used to eat foil, styrofoam, I sucked and chewed on wood, ate hair grease....drove my mother insane!

Some of the other non- food substances associated with Pica include clay, coal, soil, feces, chalk, paper, soap, mucus, ash, gum. Some of the non-nutritive substances include food ingredients such as flour, raw potato, raw rice, starch, ice cubes, salt...

Very interesting. Its worth looking into ;-)
I used to eat babt powder, lol.
lol, i used to eat chalk

me too lol

I thought I was a weirdo

and I hid it, but my mom knew

who knew all of this was due to SCD

Like Marcus, i had a thing for baby powder and also enjoyed....who am i kidding, ENJOY till this day eating table salt. I have a feeling the salt cravings are linked to the large amounts of water I drink. Instead of proportionally drinking water through-out the day like I should, I would drink 3quarts here and half a gallon there; so as a result my body's sodium levels are diluted telling my brain to find salt.

And even though I'm aware of this, I still seem to enjoy the taste of raw, table salt.
ya *hides* i forgot about the baby power thing my dad also keeps that locked into his room. Powder, foam, Ash (not gonna say what kind), and my nails are the worse ever my fingers hurt lol.

when I was younger (still young) but when i was like 12 i used to eat......chalk and baby powder... idk why but i used to crave it sooo much I think my mom suspected something but she never said anything.. my friend saw me one day and was like thats weird...
It was sooo embarrassing I was always hiding it..and my mom/brother asked why i always bought baby powder ....

I thought I was harming myself so I stopped...
Nope as long as its non toxic and not harmful to you, your fine ya my dad kept calling me weird only my sister knows i cant control my self so I just say what ever if I cant control it I wont bother hiding it. The chalk think I only did once I didn't like it so i was able to stop.
Good, as you should ... How does the Doc know ... Ugh !?

... But anyways, we all have cravings, it has nothing to do with the having Sickle Cell.
I thought it was cause I don't know how I have gotten these cravings lol
I don't do it anymore, but when I was a kid I too ate the foam from the iron board and the foam from mattress pads. I did it for a long time too, I really don't think I stopped until I was like 13. And even when I was old enough to know better and that its not good for me, I would still do it. It was almost like an uncontrollable urge. I don't remember doing this but my mother said when I was a kid I would constantly chew on my shirt sleeves and collar. She stayed having to buy me new shirts cause I would ruin them pretty quickly.

I also have to add, that I will occasionally eat uncooked pasta and oatmeal. I'm also big on salty foods I love sunflower seeds and eat them all the time. I have a cousin that eats corn starch, she will buy a box get a spoon and dig in. She doesn't have Sickle Cell though. Unfortunately I am the only one in my family with that.
I use to eat so many weird things when i was a pre-teen/child. I only recently found out that it was due to the fact that i have SS which causes my hemoglobin to be low. As a result i got weird cravings. I use to eat stuff from baby-power to sheet rock. Its really embarrassing when people find out because they teased me about it or i got in trouble for eating it. I stopped eating all sorts of weird stuff like sponge and chalk and stuff but i still eat ice. I can't seem to break that habit. I actually thought i was the only one eating stuff like that. My family is understanding to it because i've been doing it ever since i was a baby. They told me i use to just bit chunks of the sponge and eat it. I really love this site because i can share my experience with other people who are understanding about the things i go through or have went through.


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