Have any of you had weird cravings that you just cant beat? I been trying to beat them since god knows when I went and asked the doc why I was doing this weird stuff and shes like that's a part of having sickle cell, I looked at her then walked out of the office I thought it was a bunch of bull but looks like i was wrong my cousin eats weird things.

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in my fam I am the ice queen, EVERYONE knows that I eat ice

I eat it all the time all year round even in the dead of winter

I also have a love for snow... I had no idea mine was due to my SS

Now I got an excuse - but I don't need it - everyone has to accept me for me and some convert LOL

I used to chew on my shirt...but then again i think all kids did that :0)

Im late on this post,  but it's the result of being extremely anemic i.e pregnabt women craving dirt and powder!!! Hope that helps?!?!


i eat paper and pencil wood after sharpening my pencils...LOL

My dad had that. He would chew cardboard and spit it out lol. It was crazy but I think it's part of that. I think the actual disorder is Pica! apparently it's when your blood is iron deficient, you crave sticking things in your mouth. when I was a child, I had like to suck.. wait for it.... dont be disgusted.. but pennies. I had to stopped for a good few months, cause i would stick pennies, and nails and batteries in my mouth if you didnt watch me lol.

Stephanie I'm eating ice as we speak lol

I beat you... ice was my breakfast this morning.... lol

When i was young my mother and father would catch me in the back yard eating dirt or sucking on rocks. I also would eat chalk. when i didn't have that i would chew on the corners of the walls in my house. not sure were the cravings came from but i was told it was lack of minerals in my diet. I would also crave raw flour and oatmeal. even foam pads just liked to chew on them. or clay as well. to this day still have the cravings of dirt and chalk.

I used to eat foam until I was a teen. I didn't even know there was a medical reason for that. My mom terrified me by taking me to a shrink and I stopped. I get really weird food cravings after a crisis though. 


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