I traveled recently and found myself in a bit of pain from the cold on the plane (I should have known better and brought a blanket or hoodie) I eventually got a blanket and took some medicine and was fine but that got me thinking, what are must do things before/ during and after a flight or any length?

I always get up and walk around about half way through for short flights and every 2 hours for flights more than 4 hours (and now I know to ALWAYS bring a blanket). What are you travel rituals?

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I normally take meds before my flight if it's a long flight. Also I always wear comfortable sweats or thick leggings with a hoodie along with having a blanket and a neck pillow.

I also wear a facial mask so that I am protected from germs contained in the re- circulated cabin air.  If the flight is long, you may consider carrying your own oxygen approved by your physician.

Hello! I was reading this and next month i’m going to texas for the first time and on a plane for the first time and i’m so anxious. i have anxiety, depression, crises that have been kicking my ass as soon as winter started. my back specifically i am on pain management. and to go on a plane i know its gotta be cold! so im going to bundle up. and of course take medication before. as well as for my anxiety. i’m just glad i will have my man there w/ me. hope i sleep through it lol.


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