Dude I was like so excited when I left the docs office last week she told me now when im taking on my meds 500mg of hydroxyurea 3 tabs every night same time. I have been pain free!! and I feel great able to go outside and play with my little cuz! able to keep up with him running from me. The only thing is the migrans, and hip pain but I felt worse! I went out today and it was warm and beautiful I was able to take the baby to the park and play with him, he gave me such a run around we both took a nap when we came home. I have never been able to go out side and enjoy myself! this is great and it feels like I got a new shot at life but it does require blood test every two weeks but its well worth it!

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yayyy Im so glad to hear that!! is the hip pain and migraines side effects from the hydrea or from your running?
Side effects they checked me cause most people were coming in with it, I didn't notice it until I woke up 4:30 in the morning and had to sit on the couch, I couldn't lay down.
oh ok, keep up the running! i need to start again too..motivation!
^^ glade I motivated you! my boyfriend motivated me, he didn't like to see me in so much pain 2:30 in the morning but hes been by my side. ^^ now if only I can get my little cousin on the meds, but he liked to pop the pain killers.
Congrate!!!but did u ask ur docs about the side effect of the Hydroxyurea because my doc gave me the information about it and one side effect i really do not want is cancer. Hydroxyurea got 80% of u having cancer. so please find out about and meds or treatment before u accept it, i know we are thinking of pain free but try and think of other side effects like cancer. we do not want that with sickle cell disease and we will never have it.(No offence it just advice)
Ya me and my father talked it over for about a month before i got on it. Hes still standing my my side Im cancer free and pain free for three years.

Am very happy for u but u still need to watchout. No offence where do u live, may be i can talk more to ur doc b4 taking it.

I live in philly, no worries Im always careful really anything is better then the depressing pain I use to feel.
i think your results are amazing Ebony, and i am so glad that hydroxyurea is working for you!

Wow that is great news pain free !


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