Are you able to or have you had any kids while on or after using it? Really curious. I want to have children.

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I won't use that drug because of all the side affects. They give us these unnatural ways to ease our pains...I'm tired of it!
Hydroxyurea = Poison as far as I'm concerned. I know it works for some people, but just the side effects alone scare me. Talk less of the fact that you might be looking at infertility in the future....grrrrr. It's an important thing to acknowledge, but there are other ways to deal with sickle cell that don't involve ruining your chances of having kids in the future. Just my 2cents.
i think this most likely only affects the women for the most part from what i have read about it, as long as men can still ejaculate, you should be able to still have kids because you are still producing semen. i wouldn't worry about that, the more serious side effect is the leukemia factor, but that is also very rare. what it comes down to is whether you believe that the benefits outweigh the potential risks or not, and i think that is always a personal decision.
Men with sickle cell usually have what is called hypogonadism - which just means that the testes do not produce enough hormones. This can result in sexual dysfunction, which may include infertility, though not necessarily. A study published in March last year showed that hydroxyurea treatment in men with sickle cell increases this hypogonadism, essentially shutting down production of hormones by the testes. Not good! I would advise staying away from it and looking into natural alternatives like Nicosan that has no side effects.
Well since im on the drug I can tell you first hand I am pain free other when im cold or swimming, the side effect scared me and my dad also but the night before I started the meds my body was in so much pain I cried to my dad and told him to let me on it so we tried it and so far im good no cancer or anything! I feel like a new girl so far. ^^
i agree with ebony, since i started hydrea, i have been pain free for the most part too with no side effects
Thanks for your input. I took myself of of it a few months ago.


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