I read alot about nicosan on the internet. I pray and cry out to God for a answer.seeing people suffer in pain is the worst feeling i have ever experienced in my life. Let me tell you a little about me. I been with my girlfriend for also 3 years now. I love this girl so much that its scares the crap out of me. She has ss but has been in good health this year. I was wondering does this drug help people with ss and is it avail in the U.S.? I want to marry her on day. I dont want ss be the reason we not together

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Nicosan helps to prevent crises. But due to corruption, production has stopped in the factory in Nigeria and it is now hard to come by. hopefully they will start up production again soon. Until then, do some research on VK5000 and ProArgi9-Plus. It's not as effective as Nicosan (for me), but it might work for you or your girl. Remember, since sickle cell is a genetic condition, different people have different reactions to medications and herbs. So don't be hung up on Nicosan, especially now that it's hard to find. Do some research on those other 2 I mentioned, because people have told me good things about them too. Best of luck.
I too am dating a girl (soon to be married this year) with SS and I have been doing a lot of research myself. I've heard about the closed production of Nicosan which sounds like the best thing, but I've also done research on ProArgi9-plus and Jobelyn. Me and my girl bought the ProArgi and I'm looking into buying Jobelyn also. But don't let SS be a reason to not be together, I think by my girl having it has brought us closer together, and makes our love stronger. But do some more research and lets try to help eachother out.

and what is this VK5000? I can only find very little info on it.
I dont want ss to be the reason were are not together James. I have alot of fears when it comes to SS. Sometimes i doubt if we would ever get married. If i cant be with her then i rather be alone. I dont personally know you James but im sure we may have alot in common. I have been there. Hospital, pain crisis, i always been there. Im trying to learn to deal with SS but im not dealing with it in the correct way. I sometimes cry seeing my girlfriend complain or when she is in pain/pain crisis. Because i cannot make the pain go away. I know you love your girlfriend because some days it isnt easy. Maybe you can drop me a email... ogrant101@yahoo.com
Wassup james


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