Hi guys! What are your tips and tricks for packing a hospital stay bag that makes you more comfortable? If you can, also include a short checklist of what you usually take with you when you have to be admitted. Because of a recent change in health, I've decided to pre-pack a little bag in case of emergencies that a family member can grab for me in the event that I need to be admitted.

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Hey Julie,

Some thing I always try to take with me that could be helpful are:

  • My Meds
  • Icy hot/Patch
  • Extra clothes/underwear
  • Heat pack, usually for back
  • headphones to listen to music sometimes helps too

Hope this helps

Great suggestions I always bring a portable charger, fuzzy socks, heating pad/blanket, books, food / snacks, phone/tablet


throw (its quilted and the perfect size for a hospital bed)




For my hospital stay bag I usually try to pack a notebook, my laptop to watch netflix to try and distract myself, my pain journal so they know everything and I can answer any question they have, Some comfortable clothes, and a comfort item so I don't get lonely and homesick too soon.

Hope it helps, for me it does. Specially the comfort item I hate hospitals I always feel like a trapped animal.


-cell phone, charger and headphones 


- wear comfy clothes or a hoodie (for comfort)

Sometimes I bring a blanket. My mom will go and bring under garments for me if I get admitted. I don’t like to take much

I know this is an old thread, but I'll still add to it in case anyone else is looking for suggestions. Here is a list of what I bring with me:

- A list of all my current medications

- My rosary and Bible

- Journal and Pens

- Cell phone with charger

- iPod with charger and headphones

- NintindoDS with games and charger

- Candy and mints (I'm always hungry)

- Comfortable 'going home' clothes

- Knitting, tatting or any small craft project (I know I'm getting better based on how much I can get done)


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