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Question... What is the longest flight you guys have ever been on and did/do you have complications from flying? My longest flight has been 4 or 5 hours. The only problem I have so far is that I need to wear earplugs while descending to help prevent/minimize my ears and jaws from hurting. Not sure if Sickle Cell related though.

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I have been on a 8 hour total flight 2 hours one plane 6 hours the other plane it was horible my knee was hurting by the time I got up from the 2 hour flight then we had half an hour wait till the other flight it was like OMG really?! the air really didn't bother me I was chewing gum for the first 5 minutes but then my tooth started to hurt so I stopped and ignored everything. I was able to play my DS for about 2 hours before it died. But after the plane ride I was pain free idk if it was the hydrea or what but my doc cleared me for flying.
I can't be the only one who flies...
I fly often. My longest flight was an 8 hour trip, and I made sure to hydrate, be well rested, stretch my legs regularly, and I took pain meds as soon as the flight started. I didn't fall sick (I fell sick on a shorter trip of 4 hours.)

Here is a blog post I wrote about it a while ago.

I flew to Japan twice both flights over 11 hours. I travel often mostly by plane and I never have problems during flights. In fact I didn't even know people with Sickle Cell had issues with airplanes until recently!
I love to fly, my longest trip was 7 1/2 hours to London. Never had a problem, just made sure that I'm well hydrated, keep my legs stretched out and dressed warm. Since I didn't have any flying problems, I don't pre-medicate.

That ear/ jaw discomfort is not Sickle Cell related. On the way down from an air plane flight, the air pressure increases, while your inner ear is still at the lower pressure it has adjusted to. Now, the extra pressure pushes the eardrums inward. Eventually, the pressure will equalize again, but many people like to minimize this feeling like you with earplugs, popping their ears or chewing gum.
Thanks Ladies!!!


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