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just got this a few weeks ago but haven't tried it yet but will keep u posted once i do...

ok, cool

so i finally tried this for a couple of days when i was having some serious knee pain. it didn't relief my pain at all and made me very nauseous

hmmmm..did it come with any instructions? Also, I'm wondering if it is something that would be more helpful as a medicine you take before you have a crisis.

it did come with instructions which i mentioned being able to use it for pain as well on the bottle, but might work better for others

I think it's herbs that haven't been "proven in a lab".

That's my thought.

oh ok. what do you mean you don't have pain crisis like, and SS people?

I'm planning to buy some for my daughter, but my understanding is that it is mostly a preventative measure. Yes, it's true that herbs aren't regulated like many medicines, but most herbs are food supplements so it doesn't bother me. My daughter has SS but doesn't have a lot of crisis, she has only had 1 and it was due to her being in extreme weather. So I am willing to give it a try.

ok, what's the climate like where you live?

I live in DC and Maryland metro area. The climate varies and we have all 4 seasons.


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