Hello my fellow sickle cell warriors,

There is a clinical trial for sickle cell going on in 11 cities in the US right now. It is for kids ages 5-17 with sickle cell. The trial is testing a new medicine made from fish oil. So far it works well and doesn't have any side effects so please sign your child with sickle cell up for this study to help them and to help get this medicine approved. Call the numbers below to see if your child qualifies for the study. You will be paid for your time and travel. Please pass on to parents of children with sickle cell. The cities with the trial and the phone numbers to call to enroll:

Miami, FL  305-243-9431

Gainesville, FL  352-273-5079

Atlanta, GA  404-785-2025

Birmingham, AL  205-638-9435

Houston, TX  832-824-4825

Jackson, MS  601-815-9295

Charleston, SC  843-792-0560

Greenville, NC  252-744-4151

Boston, MA  617-355-7203

Detroit, MI  313-993-8825

Oakland, CA  510-428-3885 ext. 2513

For the health professionals in the forum, the trial is called  Dose-Finding Study of SC411 in Children With Sickle Cell Disease. It is sponsored by Sancilio & Company Inc. and here's the link to the trial info https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02973360

I'm really excited about this medicine because so far it works really well so if/when it gets approved, we can all have less pain and less often. Please, please share with people who could sign their kids up.



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