Has anyone ever heard that caffeine was bad for us? I've never noticed it giving me a problem. I heard that this older lady tells her granddaughter to stay away because it will cause her to have a crisis. ...Then when the girl drinks caffeine anyway she has a crisis.

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I've heard this and I don't drink anything with caffeine. The gist of it is that caffeinated drinks enhance the adrenergic effect which leads to dehydration. The adrenergic effect is the flight or fight response, where the body is in a hyper alert stage. This does increase your heart rate, acuity and senses; but it doesn't last long, and within a couple of hours, you're crashing down again---extremely tired, and dehydrated.
I think this is one of those situation that varies for individuals, i drink coffee everyday at home to stay awake, and I have never had a problem with it.
Caffeine dehydrates and can lead to a crisis for me if I'm not taking care to be extra hydrated. So either I drink several glasses of water to combat the effects of the caffeine or I stay away from it completely. it is one of those things that it is good to be aware of so you don't throw yourself into a crisis by accident.

I don’t drink caffeine either it throws my body into a fit (crisis).

I never knew it could be harmful, I just started drinking coffee recently but as at now, it hasn't cause me any problem. I used to take a lot of tea before but my doctor told me to reduce it cuz the tea i was taking contained iron.


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