Hey fam, I think I am having Acute Chest Syndrome, but I don't know for sure? What should I do? My chest just hurts when i breath. I try to push on my sternum (breastbone) for relief but that hurts as well, I thought it was going to go away after about a day but it has been 4 days now. Meds do not help this pain, helps with the other bodly aches but not with my chest. I've been doing some deep breathing exercises but that has failed to help as well. I called my hematologist, and I will be going to lab to check my levels today at 3pm. Any advice?? Very sharp and constant pain.

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Hey Marcus,

I hope you feel better. I haven't had any experience with that.
Thanks Preston, I feel a little better but still having pains. My EKG and x-ray came out good so that is a relief.
I've had chest pain that didn't correlate with my EKG and Xray. The truth is, ACS can't be visualized on an Xray unless they have your previous Xray's to compare if there is a new infiltrate. If they are just going off this new Xray, the physician's can't really tell. Have you tried putting a heating pad over it? that was one of the tricks I tried that relieved the pain somewhat. Is there any changes with your breathing, like shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, cough etc?

It might not be ACS, it might just be the sickle cell flaring up in the lungs. If your bronchioles, arterioles, or venuoles are blocked off by the sickle clumped cells, this might also cause pain in the chest. Did they draw any labs? I would suggest hydration and the heating pad,...and menthol rub on your chest to dampen the pain sensation. If it doesn't go away in a day or so, I would recommend another visit to the doc, it might be something not even related to SCD...like Pneumonia, pulm. hypertension or some heart thing (hope it's not though!)

Please let's know what happens. Feel better.


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