As a parent of a child with sickle cell I am doubting the use of Hydrox on my child because she is so young and I just can't get with some of the side affects.I have been a person who has studied herbs and natural medicines for many years so I would like to know if anyone on this site has taking that approach instead of using what the doctor has said to use and how has it helped!

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I have written about this on my blog before. HERE is a list of alternative remedies and therapies. And HERE is a followup to that post (it has more testimonials and links.)
I would just post the blog posts themselves here, but they have alot of links embedded that don't transfer as well.

There are alot of dietary changes one can make that helps with sickle cell as well. Like eliminating fried foods, red meat, and eating more fresh veggies, especially carrots, beets, spinach, kale etc. If you can get your hands on this book (it's rare to find copies in the US) "Back to Our Roots: Food from the Gods" by Chief Ujamaa, that might give you some pointers in dietary alterations one can take.

Personally, I did the dietary changes, and have gone the Nicosan route, and it's really changed my life and crises conditions. I never have daily pain anymore, and I'm down to about a crises every year (and when I had it, it wasn't major...I was in/out of the ER in a few hours).

I think it's up to you to find out which regimen will work best for your daughter. Personally, Hydrea scares me, but alot of people have stated that they are on it and it helps them. I think Jhana Blackwood (Cory's mom) is doing a ton of research on alternative remedies too, if you want to shoot her an email. She's a member here.

Hope this helps!
Thank you for replying because this does help alot .The book that u are talking about I have been wanting to get it for about a year and if I am not mistaken they have a site also on myspace.I am a fond believer that u can heal yourself from the inside out and everything we need was put on earth for us we!I will also be contacting his mom to get more info.And again Thank you!


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