I talked to my father we stayed up as he watched football and I played pokemon on my DS I was shivering and he looked at me. We had a long talk on sickle cell and he pointed out some great points. My mother...does not have sickle cell but I am the only one who has the full thing he dont know how he got the trait and my brothers and sister do not have the trait either can someone help me understand?

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Hey Ebony,

I am the only one in my family with sickle cell though my mom, dad and sister all have the trait. Understanding the genetics behind this disease can seem tricky but it is actually really simple. Hope I can explain it to you in a way that seems simple!

S (or C or D) is the gene for sickle cell disease
A is the normal gene

Everyone has 2 genes - 1 from the mom and one from the dad.

Both your mom and dad have AS, which means they have the trait. You got the S from your mom and the S from your dad so you have the disease which is SS.

Your brothers and sister got the A from your mom and the A from your dad so they are AA, which is normal - no trait and no disease.

This happens all the time because it is just random which child gets which genes from which parents. You just happened to be the "unlucky" one to get the SS.

One of your dad's parents had the trait but didn't know so he doesn't know who he got it from. If your grandparents are still alive, they can get tested and that will answer your question of where he got it from.

All the best,
Ya but my mother got tested and do did my father and only my father has the trait I dont see how thats possible.
Oh, I see! You're right - it isn't possible. Your mom has to have the trait. But it isn't unheard of for test results to be wrong. If you mom is willing, ask her to get tested again and I'm sure she'll come up positive :)
My mother doesn't like me for some reason but oh well im sure she has it shes always complaining that shes sick and stuff.
Sorry to hear that you guys don't have a great relationship. Hope that improves in time. But, yes, she she must have the trait and people with the trait sometimes are very sickly, so it would make sense in her case.
Ya but my father said when they both got checked and they never said that she had the trait or anything. As far as my father knows she dont have anything.
We all know the glaring errors made in the medical community...doctors, technicians and scientists are just people and they too make big mistakes sometimes.
Hi Ebony, I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles. I'm like you to, I have three brothers and I am the only one that has the full blown disease. I use to be very resentful of this fact but had to accept it. Both my mom and dad have the trait. You cannot get the disease if only one parent have the trait. Either both parents have to have the trait or one parent has to have the full disease in order for you to have the disease. There is a special test called Electrophoresis that is used to determine if a person has the trait or disease. Hopefully your mom will reconsider and take the test again to put your mind at ease. I will pray for you.
I tried asking her I cant go one minute without her cussing and yelling at me...my mom never thought me anything I asked friends online who were brothers and told me more about myself then anyone. I think its wrong for someone online to tell me more about my self then my mother who lives in my house. but yes I do think she has it cause it wouldn't be any other way that I have it.
I am so sorry sweetie. I can only imagine how you must feel. Sometimes my mom would tell me to "TRY NOT TO BE SICK SO MUCH" like I'm TRYING to be sick! It was very hurtful! I am 37 so I've been dealing with this disease for some time now. If you need someone to talk to please don't hesitate. If you would like my phone number and email address I will give those to you as well. It's hard to fight alone....you support and I am here to support you my sickle cell daughter!
Ya and im only 19 my mom called me a pain in the ass every time I was in the hospital or in the nurse office. I was called all kinds of names and my mother don't like me and she hates when I get sick cause the whole medical bill was never always paid by the insurance so my father was always the hard working one had two jobs and everything to just afford pain kilers. Now I have a job and I help him out! she does nothing Im daddys girls and I will always help him if he needs it...she pays no bills I do.


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