sickle cell thalassemia with pulmonary embolism

any info will help me a lot

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What do you want info on? I have a friend with SC Thalla, I can give you his email if you want. As for a PE, those are just due to the blood clots that us sickle cell warriors are prone to. Perhaps if I understood ur question better I could help.
thank you for getting back to me this is my second time with PE but it's not the same treatment that i was on two years I'm having trouble getting my INR to the right level . i just need any info that could help i don't want t be on blood thinners for the rest of my life i don't.I like to move to the beat of my drum.
Have you considered getting a blood filter?
It's an alternative treatment and has proven effective in alot of people. I don't know how severe your dx is, but have you talked about a filter with your doc?

What about ultrasound therapy?

Food lots of tomato based foods...lots of tomato sauce, tomato juice, tomatoes. That helps to thin blood naturally.

Also, I recommend you taking the nutracuetical ProArgi9Plus. In it's soluble form, it increases the solubililty of blood cells and prevents them from clumping together. This is done by increasing the levels of nitrogen in your blood. This concentration is especially good for people with sickle cell because it has folic acid and Vit. C. Side effects might be diarrhea, and should be taken on an empty stomach.

Hope this at least gives you a starting point.



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