Spleen Sequestration.. is there a way to reverse it?

Hello, im new here and hope i can find help. my child is sickle cell diseased. he is my only child so far. he developed a spleen sequestration at 12 months then again another one at 15 months (last week). he needed blood transfusion in both. Now the doctor is telling me that he will need regular blood transfusion every month to keep his hemoglobin levels above 8 and if his levels are already above 8 then a blood exchange will be done. im so scared and devistated to see ny young son having to go trough all of this at such a young age. is there anything i can do to reverse this, any foods that help? is the doctors aproach right? is there a different approach elsewhere? i am also really worrying about iron overload. what cani do about all of this? please help

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Comment by adeka on March 13, 2013 at 2:59am

Hello, i suggest you try herbal suppliments. The best time to use them is after the child has been transfused. Herbal supplements will have a prophylactic effect and will make the RBC have a more regular shape thus carrying more Oxygen and lasting longer in the body before being destroyed. I have a daughter who was diagonised with SCD at 4 months. Now she is 8 years.she is not on Hydroxyurea. She uses Mirabel tea suppliments which came around after Nicosan dissapearred from the market.  Mirabel tea comes from Nigeria. use the contact below to make orders and clarify more on any inquiries. Believe me its a piece of mind for a parent and the child. Mirabel Tea a href="mailto:mirabeltea@gmail.com">mirabeltea@gmail.com>

Comment by Yoseph on March 11, 2013 at 12:20pm
Dear Adriana,
my son is only 15 months old and hydroxyurea is NOT recommended for his age, plus, his doctor really doesnt like to use hydroxyurea alot and i respect him for that. right now im in search of other treatments for this case and would live to know what is the approach in other hospitals/countries for 2 episodes of spleen sequestration. moreover, what are recommended foods to help with iron overload. i understnd he needs to eat less red meat and foods that are high in iron but i also need to know what are some foods that are effective in helping with iron overload

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