Graduation Letter

Dear Self

                It is significant that you recognize your talents, visions, goals and aspirations. Remain focused and continue to accelerate into new ventures that will elevate you as an individual. As you reflect upon your past, you have struggled and endured various obstacles that make you the man that you are, and you will continue on the same path. You are willing, able and courageous enough to take on any obstacle, persevering no matter how difficult, how discouraging, and how unknowledgeable the end result will be. Just know that you at the end of the battle, you were a part of the fight.

                As I enter into a new adventure, I expect to evolve in business, networking, information technology, and as an individual. I plan to build up my self esteem by challenging myself to take on new task, and completing them efficiently or the best way my resources allow me to do so. I expect to connect with others who are like me, who will be my partners and who have similar aspirations. I will encourage them and look at them as my peers, and people who I can rely on for mental support, or support of any kind.

In preparation for this journey, I feel every minute ticking, anticipating that every future moment will be fulfilling to my personal and intellectual needs. I feel nervous sometimes, not knowing what I am about to take on. I just know that I must try hard, and when hard isn’t good enough, I must try harder. In reality, all I know is that no matter how complicated the challenges are, I have to be grateful that I am a part of it all. I can achieve whatever it is I put my mind to with patience and the knowledge that I will absorb from this learning experience.

Upon this graduation, you have proven to yourself that your ambition to progress is overwhelmingly real. Your motivation to do better is indestructible. You will be able to share knowledge with family, friends, peers, and people in the community from what you have experienced in short and long terms in your lifetime. I vow never be too comfortable when there are things to be accomplished. By taking a chance on myself, I have chosen not to give up in times of turmoil and hardship. For the most part, I am a shining example to others. By given this opportunity, I hope to shed light on people who I am close to thanks to icstars.

Congratulations Mr. Murphy, for making good decisions that will be for the better of yourself and those around you.


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