For so long I have keep me having sc to myself but my doc. told to get online to better educate myself and thats when I found this network for people like myself. I never did the support group thing and told my fam to treat me no different than my siblings but as I got older I found myself having questions and just by reading alot of ur blogs it has truely help. I'm 26 living with sickle cell and I have two children with the trait. And I am thankful that Im at home after two day at the hospital, life can be hard having children and sickle cell. I think the hardest part is being way from my babys, well my daughter isn't really a baby she 8yrs. and my son is a yr.old. I'm happy I had them but I don't think I'll be having anymore? It's to much on a female with sc. But I do believe we must live a full life 100%

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Comment by Ankan Gupta on February 21, 2010 at 5:20am
Thats so true Tahara!!!
Live your life 100% to the core, a few things that are not in our hands, should be not thought about, at all!!!

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