Hi warriors, I had one of the worst crisis Nov last year and was hospitalised for about a month, ever since I've been experiencing constant pain in most of my joints. I take Pentazocine injection almost every other day just to be able to go to work. I have tried different home therapies but no diff, feeling depressed now and at a low point, any advice on other drugs or therapy I could try? Scared of dependence on Pent. I am getting married later this year but really scared.
P.S I live in Nigeria n 31yr old.

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Comment by Bukky Ade on May 16, 2016 at 12:21am

If the pentazocine has not been working maybe try going to another doctor for a second opinion? The joint pain I had previously was not even related to ss thought it felt like it.. Since it's joint pain maybe another type of drug could help. I know NSAIDs work for me personally when it comes to joint pain.. maybe see if you could get ketorolac/ toradol?

Praying for nothing but Joy for you as your wedding approaches. 

Comment by stephanie eccles on May 11, 2016 at 2:57am
I am sorry to hear about your situation. I'm going through something similar. Last year January I was hospitalized for a crisis and it was all normal but I have a constant hip pain now, only pain meds help, hate depending on them though. They thought avn but mri's don't show anything to confirm that. I'm sorry you're going through it all, just wanted you to know you're not alone, there are more of us out here. I'm praying that God sends each of us the relief that we need, may He make sense of our situations so that our healthcare providers will find permanent solutions for us. Stay blessed. Know that God Almighty has us all in His hands and He will never burden us with more than we can bare.
Comment by Ade Dotun on April 26, 2016 at 2:46pm

I am so sorry to hear that Sustain, I hope you are feeling somewhat better now, its seems like the drug regiments are different in naija than in the USA, as we don't really take Pent here. But have you tried maybe going on hydroxyurea or Nicosan if you can still find it?

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