How does sickle feel affect your relationship with your "healthy" friends?

do they understand or do you hide it from them?

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more than half of them def dont understand at all.
well all of the people i know or r friends wit know that i have sickle cell but i can remember this one time i was out of school for a while and 1 of my friends or some 1 i was think was my friend ask where i had been and i told her i had been sick and she juss looked @ me like get away from me and she juss didn`t talk to me for @ least 2 week and one day i came to school sick and she asked wat was wrong and i said im sick i have sickle cell and she juss said i was thinkin u were juss playin around wow that was all i had to say
At my old school pretty much everyone knew but i just changed schools and no one really knows,,,ive already missed alot of days and when i was i was sick they think im lying, like " you cant be sick all the time" or they say "you have a dr. appt every week?"
IT is quite difficult i have to tell a few of them whom i trust most that am suffering from sickle cell otherwise some run away from me

I used to hide it from my friend through out school. If I could help it I wouldn't tell them anything. But currently I am at the point where I need my friends to know so they can give me a ride to the hospital since im living in college. Two crisis later and everyone thinks that it is my fault and that I am self destructing. If they only knew that sometimes its out of our hands and that the crisis are common and can occur within weeks from each other. I have never been in the position where sickle cell has affected my relationship with people so strongly. Their lack of knowledge and understanding makes me look like I am the bad guy out to ruin my own life. I am very cautious, i drink plenty of water, avoid harsh climates, dont do a lot of exercise, i live a healthy lifestyle that includes a social life. But everyone sees me as a little glass doll that can fall apart at the slightest touch. Its frustrating me.

I had told most of my friend about my status.they treat me with care .sometime they were avoid to eat something don't suite me.That is wonder for me.I m lucky to gain friend like them.


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