Hey warriors, I haven't been here in a while, I hope everyone is doing well and find themselves in good health. Anyways I got a question to ask yall. So I met the young lady on a trip I took. Long story short... She has become a very special person in my life, meaning I'm in love with her and we are in a relationship. Ok yall probably thinking, ok, what's wrong with that....lol....Well, it turns out that She has sickle cell SC (full blown not trait), and of course I have SS. Well would you have a child knowing that both of you have SC and there's a 50/50 chance your child will either have SC or SS (again disease not trait), what would you do? Is it wrong for us to have a child with each other? Is it wrong for us to be with each other just because we both have a genetic disorder that we didnt't ask for by the way. We didn't ask to meet each other or love each other either? Need some help yall?? It's killin me. Thx

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I would say that there is nothing wrong with the two of you being together.  I would say think really hard before bringing a child  into this world.  You should think about all you had to endure and think if you would want your child to go through all that pain.  The most importatnt thing about being a parent is making sacrifices for your children. You may have to sacrifice this love so your child will not have to be put through the pain and suffering of sickle cell disease.  I hope this helps  you...
Thanks Sharolyn, I agree.
Congratulations!!! There is nothing wrong with being in love with a person who has SC.  But, knowing the difficulties of growing up with SC, and trusting your knowledge base with all the info out there now, I truly question bringing any child into the world who has great potential of having SCD.  It wouldnt be fair to the child.  Strong words I know.  The two of you, you and your lady already have enough health issues on your plate.
If u love each other go ahead...but I suggest u leave babies out of the equation! Nothing wrong with adoption when u both decide u want ur children! All d best.


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