What tips can you guys give for a 6mth old with SCD(SS)?

How can I keep her healthier?

What do and don't have you learned the hard way?

Is it okay for her to enjoy the pool or beacb??

Still new to site and the disease.. Thanks for any feedback.

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Hello Donicka, welcome to the community! Although I am not a parent and cant provide much advise to that on my own, you should join the parents group here on the site, as there are a few good tips already discussed there such as this: http://sikcell.com/group/parents/forum/topics/managing-a-sickle-cel.... I hope is this beneficial to you for a start.

Thank for the direction, I will take a look around!!

Hi Donicka,  how is your six month old coping with sickle cell.  Well I can give you a few tips

1.  If she isn't on antibiotics to prevent infection, take her to the doc and get her started.

2.  Give her plenty of fluids, all the time.

3.  Keep her room warm with loose-fitting clothings.

4. If you live in a cold climate, always keep her warm when she goes outside, with a nice warm coat, gloves, and hat.

5.  She can swim in the summer, but only 30 minute intervals, or she will get too cold in the pool and get a crisis.

6.  Give her a good balanced diet, to keep her healthy, and lots of milk.

7.  Make sure she takes naps in the daytime and gets plenty of rest at night time.

8.  Keep her doctors appointments, and get her shots all up to date.  Also she should have the pneumococcal vacine to prevent pneumonia.

9.  Keep her out of day care if you can afford too.  Her immune system isn't as strong as normal kids, to prevent her

     from getting their colds and flu, which could develop into meningitis.

10.  Give her lots of love and cuddles, and let her know that you love her very, very much.

I hope this helps.  I'm a pediatric nurse and i have sickle cell disease too.  My name is Jennifer, and i am on this forum.  We can be friends if you want too, just let me know.     Jen

Hi there, ask your provider about bone marrow transplant.

Believe that your baby is in pain when he/she cries and is inconsolable

Keep your baby well-hydrated

Try to let her be as normal as possible and don't raise her to think she can't do anything - a balance between push and protect :)

All the best!


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