Its almost three and a half years ive been in the quest of trying to find the right way to go for my redoing of a hip replacement that was done since 2006 for my right hip and at the same time to do afresh one on the left hip. Can any one advise more because the doctors are saying its avery complicated sugery especaialy for the one that had all ready been done and the other issue is that maybe the one that was already done may have an infection because from the show of things its like am reacting to the cement that was used and my bones are getting weeker is there any body who has done through the same'

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Hello Shem, sorry to hear about your hip replacement, check out this past blog forum on the same topic :


Hi Chem,
Sorry for your pain. I've had hip replacement surgery twice on the right and three times on the left. The last operation I've had was in November 2013 and I'm still recovering from it. I didn't have any infection and if you have one, it should be treated with antibiotics before another operation is scheduled. According to my surgeon, they are now using a new type of prosthetics that eliminates the need for bone transplant or cement. Bone transplant did not work well for me. Try to consult another surgeon. Google luck!


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