My SCD is acts up very easy when i get stress and it gets really bad really fast. I am a full time student, employee and Girlfriend. Its hard for me to stay calm and not stress. Just small worry give me massive migrains. any suggestions on ways to reduce stress. my parents and dr said if i dont get my stress under control ill be in and out of the hospital for the rest of my life.

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Hey Austyn, I can relate to getting stressed and it triggering crisis. some things that i would suggest doing to reduce stress are: try drinking relaxing or sleep time teas that have chamomile, try lavender candles, as it helps to relax you. take a walk, listen to music and if u can afford it, get a massage, it can go a long way at times. hope this helps. take care n hope u get better managing your stress

It is important to manage your professional and personal life. Don't let too many things get out of hand.

Sometimes when I am stressed, I go to the gym for a light workout or even get a deep tissue massage with a sauna.

thanks i started walking again and i love chamomile tea, i have a stress less candle but my moms allergic to lavender. lol
hi thanks fi da lil advise on stress cause i am easy to stress too so i will try sum of those stuff

Hi Austyn, is seems like you lead a pretty full life, I always find that deep breathing exercise and meditation seem to help especially when you feel the stress coming on.

I agree totally.  Deep breathing and lots of stretching always help me when I am a bit stressed.

Don't let stress get the best of you. Try some yoga. Some Cancer Centers offer free classes and I bet it should be just fine for you to attend, if you have some around. You can, also,  try some ones on Youtube. They have some videos with meditation...

My husband had a stroke last year, and since then he decided to attend some yoga classes. Now we are looking foward to find a way to start with our two precious kids. They both have SCA.

Also, consider treating yourself to a full body massage once a month.

Hi Austyn,

First off... thanx for posting this and asking because i have very similar issues and stress is definitely a pre cursor to a hospital stay. All the suggestions were great and I will have to try some myself.

So my advice is to try to meditate... I suck at it and i need to try it again to get better, but taking 5 min to yourself and clearing your mind can work wonders on your stress level. deep breathing techniques also help in the midst of a very stressful moment as well.

During your migrains try to shut out all light and listen to some soft music to help calm you down, many times they are being caused by an increase in your blood pressure.

Lastly, remember everyone has to deal with stress but people like us have to be very careful with that so try to teach your self how to walk away - I know its the hardest thing to do at times - and no I have not mastered it at all, I am a 1st class novice - however if you can do it, I am positive it will help you!

Stay well!!! :o)

Hi Austyn,
This is going to sound so weird, but I'm from healdsburg too!! I went to school with David and Asia. I was in David's grade. I was so surprised when I saw your name! I'm sure you don't recognize mine (Nora Beltran) because I was younger than you.
Anyway, my fiancé has sickle cell and he is stressed a lot too. He has yet to figure out how to de-stress. I hope you found something to help you be less stressed! 
I can't believe there is someone from hbg on here, small world :)

Well you can always find me on here or on face book if your fiance ever needs some advise he can just ask i was reacently diagnosed with RA AND AVN and just had a hip replacement 4 months ago it hard but i get through all you can do is be supportive. things are harder then he let on so just be there for him is all you can do. and dont take his pain  as a sign of needing attention its never that. hope i help. aloha

Yoga is best  stress management and scd management art.Try it.Deep breathing exercise also  helpful.Oxygen level is important in SCD and Yoga  enhance the level eO2 in body.I hope it wll help u


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