Smoking is bad for us Sickle Cell patients but how about vaping (electronic cigarettes)?

Is this better for us? I stopped smoking recently and I'm thinking about this but I don't know the health risk and very little information is shown linking vaping to sickle cell.

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hey Mike,

this might help answer your question:

vaping is definitely better than cigarettes because of the lack of other harmful chemicals besides nicotine. i transitioned from cigarettes to vaping and saw an improvement. also you can slowly lower the nicotine levels in the vape juice so that your body doesnt crave it anymore before you stop vaping all together. it definitely helped me stop smoking i can say. 

I stopped smoking for 3 weeks because I caught a cold but now I have a horrible cough and bring up fluid from my lungs and sometimes my head due to sinus drip, does vaping stop sinus drip? I have a bad case of that.

vaping will only help it if its directly from you smoking and not some type of permanent condition that you have. 


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