Sickle Cell Trials for South Florida residents

Hi my name is Rachel

I work for a research facility in Miami, Florida. We are very passionate in helping fight the battle against SCD. The current trials are as follows:

  1. Duration: 14 weeks Inclusion: Ages 12 to 17 inclusive, and adults over 18, Compensation: $125 per visit and $20 Phone Call. Total $ 955, Medication: Food Study
  2. Duration: 21 days with extensions option of 12 weeks, Compensation: 21 Days (8 visits) – $1,050.00, Extension available with $100.00 per regular visit and $200.00 for dosing days, Total – $1,450.00, Medication: Multiple Dose Study
  3. Duration: 52weeks Inclusion: Ages 12 to 65, Compensation: 1,800.00 and Extension 900.00, Medication: Oral Meds

If you would like to find out if you qualify, sign up at

Transportation is offered for those who need it.

God bless!

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