Sickle Cell stopped me from doing so much.

I want to know.

I'm 41 and I suffer from depression, sickle cell got in the way of so much, sports, military and so forth as far as career and goals in life. I'm working but not married nor have any kids, I'm still considered "lower income" but I'm a little above the poverty line.

I really blame sickle cell, if I didn't have it I'd be a cop or get a physical trade like a firefighter, carpenter or something of the sorth. I kinda hate living with this, I don't get sick since I'm sickle cell beta thallesmia but any physical acivity and I'm in the hospital. Any sports I'm in he hospital.

So I need to get my life together but I have been searching for benefits and nothing is there for people with sickle cell, ssi doesn't pay anything, no section 8 or anything due to me being a man and not having kids.

I work unskilled desk jobs but I need ideas and time to do better things.

I think the issue is the lack of jobs and low wages for unskilled black meales who can't do physical work. I think that's the thing that just kills me completely.

I want to know if anyone can help, any job openings, any roomates or anything that can assist. I'm looking to relocate.

Or maybe any organizations and such. Any programs you recommend too?

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Sorry to hear you are going thru that. I understand what you mean. What state do you live in?


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