Does being too big effect sickle cell? I'm almost two hundred pounds and I'm six feet tall and I wear quite easily.

I'm thinking if I lose twenty pounds is feel much better.

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In my my own medical research any hinderence that can make the heart work extra hard will defiantly cause serious complications to your set of normals...(for example BP O2 stats, heart function and lung functions Ect.) most important is Sickle Cell Disease patients do not die from the disease itself, but from the complications of the disease that can wear and tear on not just the joints but everywhere the blood can flow and is stopped from free flow... Which in our case everywhere... The lack of follow up appointment outside of an ER or an Admission not just to a Hematologist (blood specialist) will and can save and endure your lifetime with family...Welcome to all the non suffers but empathetic to just one tiny glimpse in our SCD galaxy thoughts and prayers always,

I have beta thalessmia so it's the trait, I asked because I'm heavy set and I wear down easily. I'm thinking I get tired due to weight being a bit too much.

I never really get sick and I never really go to the doctor, outside of maybe once a year to the sickle cell day care center, too many needles since they want me to go every 3 months.

I don't do anything physical at all, just live within my means and take care of my body.

Ok even still any non episodic disorder weight may it be so much of a critical factor but it still can put a strain on the heart and lungs... Before serious weight loss program seek profession advice from a lung doctor and get your O2 stats it could have nothing to do with non episodic disorder but rather one can develop asthma and other pulmonary conditions... Good luck!
In thoughts and prayers.

I'm 6'3 and I'm trying to put on weight..but its seems like a hamster on a I'm just stuck at this one weight no matter how much I eat and work out.

Same here. I've always been underweight no matter how much I work out.  I'd love to weigh more.

I have reached a recorded new weight today. At age 27 i'm weighing 130lbs the highestvi have ever been was 125lbs. During those two periods in my life i noticed i was undrt a lot of stress and eating a lot. Additionally i was extremely tired every day. In my opinion the more weight you have the more you are constantly tired and it affects your sickle and your daily life... Disclaimer: i'm not promoting any eating disorders. Know yourself and do what works for your body.
I think so. Im 5'10 and 205lbs so Im considered overweight and I am definitely more fatigued now than ever.

How old are you?

I wanna gain at least 5-8 more lbs I'm 29 5'6 and I weigh 153lbs my weight tends to fluctuate a lot. One minute I'm close to my ideal weight and then I lose it again. I really believe it has to do with my stress factors. Because when I'm stress or sick I don't eat. Also I wonder sometimes if the type of SCD has somethings to do with weight.


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