Just last Fall i was diagnoed with rheumatiod arthritis on top of my SCD. It is a huge pain because the medications the Dr have me on mix and through my body into crazy crisis and fits. Im going to see a specalist for both issues in two weeks and was wondering if any one can relate. Does anyone have any suggestion or know what this is like?

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my daughter who just turned 10 suddenly started having serious pains in her body.this pain is different

from that caused by SCD and is worse in the mornings,also defying analgesics and anti-inflammatories.

Are your symptoms anything like this?EDITH

My symptoms are not to bad at this time beause i am on some medication called prednison. But before that i has huge amounts of swelling and inflammations in my elbow and knees. i was unable to bend my knee or arm. It got hard for me to walk, dress and do dailie activited such as, brushing my teeth doing my hair and eatting. the dr told me it was an odd case cus RA starts in the hands and feet and works it way around the body. but mine attacted only the knees and elbows. I was still in the mornings and at nights and a little throughout the day. I ended up going to see a RA specialist at UCSF and they are wonderful there. If you would like information on that i would be happy to give it to you. Hope this helps take care.

Im really sorry to hear your daughter has so much pain in the morning that use to happen to me before I found out I had RA. What helped were heat packs, hot soaks or showers but they didn't always help. The morning after a transfusion I will hurt pritty bad for no reason and I start hurting every evening around 3-4pm and it continuse to get worse itll i finnaly fall asleep once morning comes i seem to do well after a nice hot showers till 3-4pm rolls around agian not sure what causes it but it puts me out of comission for a few hours at least every day. I call it Nap time Hee hee

Hey Austyn


I actually have a similar case. The rheumatologist didn't exactly diagnose me but I'm taking Plaquenil. It really is a pain but Im looking to hopefully come of it in the fall. I used to take celebrex or aleeve but I dont have joint pains anymore. I was on prednison for a short period of time.


My hem and rheumatologist are in the same clinic so I see them at the same time and they are able to communicate with them. 


How are you coping now?

My Rhue Dr. has said my RA is very well controlled I am only on methotrexate now but I still have joint pain when it’s cold.

I have been having really bad pains in my elbow, still taking the plaquinel. I hope to come off it soon after I get my MRI done at UCSF. They said they want to make sure that its not a bone infection. But my SCD has been doing good. Ive been drinking water and trying not to stress. But still have small pains every day in my back and left leg.

Hey Austyn, how are u, hope you are well? I recently got diagnosed with an auto immune issue as well and might be going on some meds to help, how have u been with your situation, hope there's has been some improvement?


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