Hello everyone.
I am so glad i found this site. I am so relieved too.
My daughter who is 19 months old has sickle cell disease. She has been okay so far, no crises, nothing. She lost a lot of weight after her sixth month and was very thin by the time she became one.
But she suddenly started putting on some weight early this year. She is now so big. Everyone says she looks like a 3year old and i quite agree with them.
I really want to know if this weight gain is normal and what could be responsible for this. I remember reading something about the side effects of weight gain for a person with SCD and it makes me a bit worried.
Please everyone, what are your thoughts on this?

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Hello Jane, sorry i am just seeing this, how is your daughter doing, has her weight gain stopped, i personally dont know of the weight gain problem, its usually the opposite for me and theirs alike. i hope she is well and at a better weight, and happy new year!
i am not sure about weight gain jane, unless it is fluid. how is your daughter doing these days? pain free i do hope!!

Most people I know with SCD have weight loss problems but I have gained and lost a lot of weight lately. It normally comes from medication and or fluids. I don’t think your daughter should have those issues being so young just yet but. If her weight gain or loss is too much and to frequent, I suggest going to the Dr. Hope this helps.


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