Does anyone suffer from knee and hip pain?

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I have Avascular Necrosis in both hips which doctor's say total hip replacement is the only cure. I have decided to wait on this hip replacement surgery for my own reasons. Considering my hips have less than normal cartilage, I have hip pain daily.

I usually don't run first to pills to relieve the pain, I use all sorts of remedies to help me. I am trying to save my liver, kidneys, and not get addicted to medications. So far so good.

I am sorry to hear that about your hips. I had the same problem with my patella tendon and it could have been a symptom of lack of blood flow to the tendon. I had surgery last summer to repair to but i am seeing patella tendonitis in my other knee. Pain killers help with the symptoms but not the disorder. Have you tried nitric oxide to increase the blood flow?

What kind of surgery did you have done to repair?

Surgery on my Patella Tendon.

right, i got that, i mean what kind? a core decompression? a replacement? what did they do to repair?

Patella tendon tore

What do you use that helps for pain? I have the same thing and had a left partcial just past June 2012. I was ok for 6 months and declined for 6 months now the Drs. Say a full replacement is needed? I tried to wait before the first one but the pain got so bad it almost put me in a chair. Hope you’re doing well with the pain, my got to bad I couldn’t wait any longer.

Oh alright that's interesting. What kind of remedies do you use?


Hey I came across this blog it had a lot of info that helped me. Hope it helps you too.

God Bless

I suffer from it every day but I was diagnose with Avascular Necrosis just this past two summer and had a partial left hip replacement it didn’t work out well and the pain is back time for round two.

I have chronic pain in my right hip. I've had it since approximately 2005. At first, the doctor prescribed Celebrex. Eventually, I had to go on stronger meds. Right now, I am going to physical therapy to try to help the pain. I've been to a pain management specialist. You are not alone. Chronic pain is inevitable for us. My hematologist has said that I must accept it.

We have to accept many things. That's what makes us so special. Our pain can be used to our benefit. We can fight back by helping others instead of staying at pity party. Our tears are useful...this I know for sure!


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