How old is the oldest person you kno with SCD

When i meet elderly folks with SCD, it usually helps in giving me hope, i met a 60 yr old man with SCD the other day, that has been the oldest i have seen, how about yal

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I know a 68 year old woman with Sickle cell anemia. And right now, she is my inspiration!
I'm 51 and fighting. Rest, rest, rest, water, well balanced diet AND attitude. You gotta stay positive. We can live long and well, it just takes effort.

I'm 49 years old and plan on letting the Lord decide, Stop putting a death date on this disease!

NO MEDS and No pain Pills!

The KEY to controlling SCD is in God given medicine... All natural products that work!

My sister died at 34 from SCD and I have been told I would not make it through the night on more than one occasion.


IF you control the two causes, YOU CONTROL THE DISEASE!

I have spent years of research doing just that. so this is the key...

Natural to control inflammation. (no side effects)

Natural to control Infection.       (no side effects)

Rest, Water and a Great God! (Jehovah)

PAIN does NOT EXIST and will NOT if the two are absent!

If you want Specific names, ask and you shall receive.

Why not just share the info?

I am 47 will be 48 on Sept 3

The oldest sickler i knew was 80 years and he died in 2008 in Uganda EastAfrica. The current one i know is now 65 years a retired nurse who has been
treating sicklecell for so long in Uganda EastAfrica.
My dad is the oldest person I know with sickle cell disease he will be 61 this year in August​. And although he has gone through my pain crisis over the years he manages really well.

that's awesome!

There's a lady in her 70s in Chicago that I know who's like everybody's Grandma and another one in California. The California lady has written two books about her life. Judy Johnson. I think she would enjoy hearing from you:  Judy Gray Johnson <>

I had an Aunt who died from Sickle Cell. i was fairly young so i don't know how old she was. i'm guessing in her 50's

Judy Gray Johnson is over 70. I think she's 76. Pretty cool. 


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