I did a totol hip replacment for my right hip the year 2006 unfortunately last year the pain reoccured and this time the left hip also stareded heart liki the right i went to my doc and he said i had to redo the right hip and at the same time do the left hip so iwas just worndering when i did my first hip replacement so many things change now what about bout hips its all unthinkable please God give me the strenght to go through this and please freinds advise about the whole issue of hip replacments

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Hey Shem, i havent had this exprience personally but sounds like a very unpleasant one, stay strong!...the Lord is your strength and i pray it all goes well...keep us updated on how things went. 

Thanks a lot and be blessed its hard but i have to be strong for it, by the way to the latest findings hip replacements to sicklers of sickle cell it normally not 100% grantee of healing completely because from my first hip replacement i thought it was going to take the twenty or twenty five years for a redo but that was not the case any way ill just take all the challenges of sickle cell . Be blessed

Hi, I also did a total  hip replacement on my right hip in 2008 and I can Imagine how you feel right now. I just want you to believe that since you've been through it before you will be able to get through it again. I pray God gives you the strength, patience and everything  you need to go through this.

Thanks Fahid, but imagine when i think of going through it again and this time both legs i frick but am ready to take it hope your hip is doing good. Be blessed

HI Shem, 

I had my left hip replaced in 2000. Thankfully I haven't had any issues with it since then. My right hip had some damage to it as well, but not as much as the left,so at the same time my left hip was replaced they did a procedure on my right hip called "core decompression". If you have to go through it again, some things that seem to have helped me is keeping my hip joints loose, meaning not stiff. I do pilates to keep my joints flexible and loose. Also I try to strengthen my hips with different types of mild exercises. My diet my have had an impact as well.


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