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As a kid, I ate a lot of sweets and chocolate and avoided brushing to bed eventually I got tooth decay and infections. Little did I know this would lead to my Worst crisis ever. I was 16, I got two tooth infections on both sides of my mouth (left and right), knowing I had to remove them I avoided the dentist until I could no longer endure the pain. On reaching the dentist he told me that he would only remove one. Months after the removal. I began my first year in university and fell ill after a 10 days admission at a hospital where I was given drips, I found out I was walking with difficulties and gradually the functionality of my right leg decreased and pain in my right leg increased, In the initial weeks of this I thought it was due to the injections I took and because I barely walked during those 10 days of my admission. Little did I know that the bacteria in my tooth had spread to my hip joint through my blood stream. I went to the doctor after two weeks of noticing this but at this time I had the pain in my knee (which I later learnt was referred pain from my hips). My doctor gave me anti inflammatory cream and had me do x-rays of my knee. But the situation was getting worse. One day my doctor had a talk with my parents telling them that being a paediatrician, he has done all that he could and knew that the only thing else was for him to refer me to an orthopaedics hospital. The next day, I went to the orthopaedics, got checked up and with given antibiotics in addition to my anti inflammatory cream for a while, the pain dropped and after and I was getting better and then all went worse again so I went back to the doctor and this time I went for x-ray and he said after my first semester exams I would need a core decompression (A surgery). After a few weeks I went back to see the doctor but he had travelled so I was taken to another hospital, we briefed the doctor on everything after x-rays and tests, he took a syringe to extract the fluid from my hip joint and found out it was pus. The sample collected was then taken to the lab and analysed and I was given a better antibiotics but he discarded my need of a surgery. Months later, my previous doctor returned ,but the operation theatre was undergoing renovations and my leg had gone worse and I could hear the grinding sound of my bones as I walk, If I sit down for as long as 5 minutes, I wouldn't be able to walk when I get up. After my final exams for my first year, I went to the hospital to have my Core decompression since the theatre was ready so I had my core decompression but the surface of my femur (at the hip joint) was already worn out and I was still limping so 2 weeks later I had a bipolar total hip replacement.

Till date, not all my friends know I have sickle cell, but those that do have been of great support. After my hip replacement which took place over the vacation, I had to resume my second year in university on crotches. I remember not wanting to go, I had to climb stairs on crotches, walk long distances and get a seat for my lectures. This was the time in my life where I needed my friends the most, they were supportive and tried their very best to keep me comfortable.

Wow!... You have had problems but this can be turned around with some preventive care! It is common practice for doctors to give SCD patients antibiotics during the first TEN YEARS to prevent just such infections. There is a direct link between oral health and heart disease and many other aliments. If I could tell every SCD patient something I would say this...


"Preventive Medicine is the BEST Medicine!"   EVERY SCD Patient should be on OIL OF OREGANO!!!


PLUS this stuff is GREAT FOR PAIN... ANY!


If you do not brush often, bacteria will and can grow and enter your blood stream and cause all kinds of problems for your entire body. just 2-3 drops per nite after brushing before bed will keep any bacteria at bay. You will NEVER wake with morning breath and it will cause you to fall asleep much faster!

Hold 2-3 drops under the tongue for 30 seconds and then swish around mouth for 1 Min and swallow. YES it will burn but you will see big improvements. 

this sounds like a cruel scam.  if treating sickle cell disease were as simple as this then there would be no need for this website.  give us all a bit more credit.  sickle cell might cause us to be ill but it doesn't cause us to be stupid.

Its' stopping a infection before damage is done!!!

Would you rather take antibiotics your whole life? Antibiotics (against life) kills ALL the flora in the gut as Oregano will not. Before you stomp on EVERY SUBJECT on this site, LOOK at the RESEARCH done on OIL of OREGANO. TRY IT for yourself and then report back your findings! what do you have to lose and what might you gain!

he has a lot to lose - like his leg, like his life.

antibiotics are necessary when there is an infection.  before them people just died.  i love oregano in my italian food as much as the next person but it will not cure an infection in a bone.

why don't we discuss how in 2005 the US Federal Trade Commission brought charges against the company who for their unfounded claims about what oil of oregano can do?

do you know that it is because of penicillin that so many more children with sickle cell disease live to adulthood?  penicillin is an antibiotic.

i am not stomping on every subject on this site.  i just disagree with you and your unfounded statements like what you have said above. 

why are you so angry?  i will not reply to any more responses along these lines. my goal is only to warn people so that they can then make up their own mind and i have done that.

friend, if oil of oregano has helped you so much i am glad for you.

Never told him to stop but protect himself!


I must admit hearing this makes me so upset! I have needed a hip replacement on my left leg for 5-6 years and as I tell anyone God is the reason I'm still walking. I do have alot of pain. Being diagnosed w/ Avascular Necrosis of my femoral hip devastated me. I mean I'm a dancer. Majoring in 3 diff majors as a college sophomore but everything had come to a complete stop. I became depressed as any natural person would. After a while I got tired. I claimed stuff on my life that no one should because I didn't understand why it was happening to me. I just recently found out I have AVN in my right leg, numerous hospitilizations with docs who really have no clue. All I can say is research for yourself. Some things we need them for but it's alot of natural products that can help out.


We need to come together as sickle cell disease groups and make this known. Spread more awareness because alot of us have lost our lives over things that can be PREVENTED! Also I'm not sure of you guys religion but read the word... It helps. Keep positive people around you as well.



I was a dancer too and now I have AVN in both hips. I feel your pain. I am fighting to keep my hips. I take things to strengthen my bones (calcium, magnesium, etc) and it helped. I was diagnosed in 1996 and 2012, I'm still fighting. Please search the web about bone health, there are ways to delay surgery.

is there anyone on the site who has had a hip replacement?  will you be able to dance after it is replaced?  curious to hear from those who have had the procedure done if possible.

Hi, i don't think dancing is impossible as long as its a slow dance that dosen't stress the leg. I'm currently on a physio shoe and i have limitations as to what i can do with my leg.

I'm a salsa/hip hop dancer so I doubt if I had that surgery that I would be able to dance again. It's been 6 years so far since I found out I had AVN and I haven't had the replacement.. I take alot of calcium though.

Hi guys!
I'm new to the site. I have had 4 hip replacements. After my first 2, I was still able to dance (mainly in nightclubs!), run after the bus (I live in Europe!) and take long walks. After the next 2, which were replacements of the previous ones, I had a few problems, and constant pain. However, I can assure you that after the first replacement, I felt alive again, the pain disappeared, and my mobility was very good. If your operation is a success, you will be able to dance salsa again; I can't answer you about hip hop, though.


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